Groups & Workshops

NILTU, O offers a number of different groups and workshops throughout the year in the communities we serve. To find out more call the office or check out our events calendar

  • Indigenous Triple P (Positive Parenting Program): a research-based practical and flexible skills based program to help you develop the skills and confidence to handle any parenting situation delivered from a culturally informed and sensitive perspective.

  • Nurturing relationships: a parent program specifically for parents to learn how to nurture their relationship and encourage positive and healthy communication.  The program will teach life skills and relationship skills that will promote equality within the relationship, and more capacity to work together to care for the family as a whole.

  • Ready to Rent: a program designed to help you more readily access housing options and enjoy success as a tenant.

  • Financial Literacy: a program to provide you with information, tools, and resources to help you understand and make informed decisions about your relationship with money.

  • Cultural Programs: canning, moccasin making, traditional cooking

  • Youth Life Skills Development workshops: designed to help youth build skills and awareness of the tasks needed to successfully transition to young adulthood 

  • I,IYMET SPÁKEN Program: A program that combines cultural and parenting skills together.  Each week of the 6 week program is designed to share specific teachings on a variety of topics, all based on traditional teachings of local Elders, the medicine wheel, and parenting skills for all ages of children.