NIȽ TU,O currently employs 6 full time Family Support Workers(FSWs). Our FSW’s support families who are involved with MCFD due to child protection reports as well as providing the following support services. 

Services Provided

A variety of groups in the communities such as:

  • Triple P parenting 

  • Ready to rent

  • Family Fundamentals

  • Canning and traditional food preparation

  • Cultural crafts workshops such as drum or moccasin making

The “Building Blocks” program to provide support to families with children from 0-6 years of age focusing on:

  • Healthy pregnancy

  • First foods 

  • Infant development 

  • Nutrition

  • Parenting


Examples of services

  • Counseling to support children and family members affected by family violence or dysfunctional family environments;

  • In-home support to assist parents in organizing and maintaining the family unit and carrying out parental responsibilities;

  • Respite care to relieve parents temporarily from parental responsibilities in order to allow for their recovery from the stress and challenges of parenting;

  • Parenting, budgeting and life skills program;

  • Other child and family services identified by communities.

Supported Visitation Program providing:

  • Support and parenting guidance to parents whose access to children is supervised

Support to Youth:

  • Support to youth who are on Youth Agreements 

  • Support to youth who are transitioning out of care or out of Youth Agreements

  • Support to youth for developing life skills 

Support to Caregivers:

  • Support to caregivers providing care for children under the Extended Family Program

Family violence counselling Services for Men and Women:

  • Men’s individual counselling services provided by a Master’s level therapist to help men take responsibility for and develop alternative ways of managing their anger

  • Women’s individual counselling services provided by a Master’s level therapist for women who have been impacted by family violence

Community Development Support:

  • Funding is provided to the communities we serve to support the initial development of a variety of family/youth support initiatives in community such as developing youth programs or raising awareness around family violence issues 

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) support services for families:

  • One to one support and education services to assist parents and children effected by FASD – for more specific information about FASD refer to our section on FASD

Aboriginal HIPPY program:

  • An early literacy in home support program for children ages 3-5.

School Services

NIȽ TU,O works with school staff to provide support to First Nation Students who are included in our service jurisdiction. If a youth needs support, you can contact our office and ask for an Intake Worker. We can attend school based meetings with the family, youth, school and with the Ministry to develop support plans. We work with schools to develop Individual Education Plans (I.E.Ps) for students with challenges.