Complaints Process

 NILTU,O is committed to providing quality service to our children, youth, families and the communities we serve. Our clients can expect to be treated in a fair, honest, open and accountable manner. 

Who can make a complaint?

  • Anyone who receives, or thinks they should receive, services from NILTU,O can make a complaint. A person making a complaint can ask another person to support them such as a friend, family member or advocate.

How does the complaint process work?

  • Contact us and ask to speak with a NILTU,O Community Services Manager or our Executive Director (ED).

  • The Manager or the ED will gather the details of your complaint and determine if your complaint can be resolved using the NITLU,O complaints process.

  • If your complaint fits within the complaints process you can decide to work with the Manager or ED to find a resolution in a step-wise process by:

    • First: trying to resolve your complaint by speaking directly with the involved staff member and if you are not satisfied with the outcome

    • Second: meeting with the involved staff member and the ED and/or Manager to try and find a resolution.

  • If your complaint cannot be resolved with the agency staff you can request that the matter be referred to a Review Authority (RA) from the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) to conduct an administrative review of your complaint. In fact, an administrative review can be requested at any time as an alternative to the complaint process before, during or after engaging with staff to find a local resolution.