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JOB POSTING - Family Support Worker

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NIȽ TU,O Child and Family Services Society
Employment Opportunity FAMILY SUPPORT WORKER
Full-Time / Permanent Position

NIȽ TU,O is a Delegated Aboriginal Agency with a goal to ensure the well-being of our children by working together with First Nations to maintain the traditional cultures and values of our communities. NIȽ TU,O provides C-3 Residential Resources, C-4 Guardianship, and a wide array of non-delegated prevention services to First Nations children, youth, and families living within the South Vancouver Island Geographic Service Area. This position requires Union membership and is open to male and female candidates.

FSW Duties and Responsibilities

NIȽ TU,O Family Support Worker (FSW) provides intensive support to families, caregivers, children and youth through individual supports or coordinated group situations. Duties and responsibilities of the FSW include the following:

  1. Support families to understand and participate in meetings with the delegated Social Worker to provide input regarding the family and children’s strengths and needs as part of the safety planning process.
  2. Work directly with Families to address child safety concerns identified by a Child Protection Social Worker.
  3. Act as a single point of contact to support the family, to navigate and access services that include: schools and education, health services, social services, financial resources, recreation, transportation, etc
  4. Support families to implement reunification plans for children in care, or in Out of Care arrangements.
  5. Assist youth with Youth Agreements & Independent Living Agreements to develop the necessary skills that will enable them to successfully transition to adulthood. Support youth to address identified emotional, social, or behavioural issues.
  6. Support caregivers, where placement disruption is likely, to stabilize the placement or support transition of children in their care. Support activities to bring caregivers and family together for discussion and planning regarding the care of a child.
  7. Assist with coordination of access visits and provide opportunities for families to build parental capacity during access visits.
  8. Provide regular written and verbal updates to delegated social workers regarding the implementation and progress of case plans and maintain all necessary client file documents and electronic file management requirements.


Would You Like to Become a Foster Parent?

Application to Provide Care

Are you interested in becoming a Foster Parent?  Please complete and return this form to the NIȽ TU,O office to begin the application process. 


Upcoming Community Programs for 2016


NIL TU,O program posters for winter 2016. These are the program posters for Winter 2016.

Three programs have been booked: 

  • Tsartlip Nation: Aboriginal Developmental Assets Cultural Building Thursdays, dinner served at 5pm and program will take place afterwards
  • Tsawout Nation: Nurturing Relationships Tsawout Band Office Tuesdays, dinner served at 4:30pm and program will take place afterwards
  • Beecher Bay Nation: Aboriginal Developmental Assets Beecher Bay Day Care Building Mondays, dinner served at 5pm and program will take place afterwards

Upcoming Community Programs for 2016

Tsartlip FN Poster


Tsawout FN Poster


Beecher Bay Poster


Young Women's Group

young-womens-groupNIL TU, O Child and Family Services Society's Young Women's Group -"Strengthening Ourselves Together"

Please join us for a creative, nurturing time to focus on you, wellness, and building healthy relationships!

To Register call: 250-544-1400.

Weekly groups every Thursday at 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm at the NIL TU,O office:

1-2475 Mt. Newton Cross Rd.
Saanichton BC.

Snacks are provided.

With Group Facilitator Norma Hoeppner, MSW, RSW

New VYCN Website

VYCNThere is a new Victoria's Youth in Care Network website www.victoriayouthincare.com where youth can find up to date information on our network, events and meetings. In the past year, VYCN have done several events for youth in or from care between the ages 14-24. Some of our events include a Bowling Night, Wild Play, a Beach Party, Christmas Celebrations and the next one coming up on Oct 24th - The Festival of Fear!

Birth Registration and Certificates

Province of BCIf you require information on birth registration, birth registration services, or birth certificates visit the BC Vital Statistics Agency Online Services. You can now order your certificate on-line using their secure, easy to use, electronic application service.


Registration of Child

government of canada smallPeople who wish to register a child under the Indian Act can find more information, as well as download and complete the Application for Registration here.

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